Sunday, 26 October 2008

Mental Ray in 3ds max

Another 3ds max 9 Mental Ray render!
with Arch and design texture mapping (specially designd for visualisation) and final gather! Which will be explained in future tutorial but for now who are new to mental ray, keep in mind its not diffcult at all !
By the way! in these both mental Ray images I haven't used GLOBAL ILLUMINATION!

Shoaib Khan


Javier DL said...

Nice renders Shoaib :)
Any chance you could include a larger image size of them (the interiors)?

Keep up the good work.

Javier DL

Nando said...

WHAAAATTTTTT, you said you did not use GI for any of these renders??? Thats amazing! LOL, I can't wait for these tutorials!

HaJi DoN said...

hi shoaib khan...sir i will be requested 1 2 this effect..sir i give u the link of the video so u plz watch video and plz give me a reply i am waiting 4 r reply thanks

Asad said...

Amazing Shoaib !! Keep It Up..

nando said...

hey shoaib, are you going to make a tutorial on this?

bairav said...

Hi there..
Ur's tutorials are awesome..
Thanks for sharing ur knowledge..

Is there Tutorials for this creation...?