Saturday, 25 October 2008


Is this a picture or CGI?
How about some mental ray action in 3ds max? I am thinking about doing a brief tutorial on it!


kippyjoe's blog said...

just stumblled in here from video copilot very impressive tutorials great work.
if you could please add in a bit about the production shaders. (using a chromeball) I have seen it demonstrated but it was so unclear you couldn't follow it..

thanks for the tutorials

Anonymous said...

that image looks CGI not real.

BencheKroune said...

But, I/We don't know how to install mental ray on 3ds max can you tell us how...

redwatty said...

You can tell that pic is CGI from miles off, the lighting is poor and the color and textures have no depth and the reflections on the table dont look right.

Answers to previous comments:

the chrome ball is used for high dynamic range imaging or HDRI for short is extremely important in a production environment, it adds in real world lighting to your scene but can be very render intensitive, I tend to fake my Global Illumination (GI)with techniques I've learned over the years. Do a search for HDR max tutorial I'm sure you will find some.

MentalRay is built into 3ds max, have a look through the max help files about rendering with mental ray and it will show you everything you need to get started.

shoaib khan said...

Hi All,

Wow! Wow! take it easy guys!thanks for your comments!
No need to be upset about the image!
I am a learner and I am not trying to be a guru or a hero!
Also when you leave a comment, please leave a link of your image or site so that we can all look at it and also learn!


Shoaib Khan

HaJi DoN said...

hi shoaib khan...sir i will be requested 1 2 this effect..sir i give u the link of the video so u plz watch video and plz give me a reply i am waiting 4 r reply thanks

Nando said...

Yeah, man, please do some tutorials on this...I would appreciate it, and probably stop me from buying V Ray when I see that MR can do the same

Ethen said...

Wow...Shoaib..Great Work..Also make a brief tutorial on lights in 3ds Max..::3then::.. Love From Pakistan.

nando said...

hey shoaib, are you going to make a tutorial on this?