Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Waterfall effect tutorial in After Effects Coming Soon

Hi All..
Working on a new tutorials of simulating water effect when its sliding down a glass plane. I have used different effects to achieve this effect of refraction like CC Mercury, CC glass, Fractal Noise etc.. I will upload a video soon. Need your comments.
Shoaib Khan


der_nils said...

cool idea!looking forward to see the physics in action...

Anonymous said...

I also would like a tutorial, how
you create the dream sequence!

Jim said...

Very cool idea.Cant wait for the new skills to learn from this one.Am a great fan of your work Mr Khan.

God Bless You!

Jim said...

Hi Khann,
I tried emailing you at shoaib@shoaibkhann.com but i keep getting errors and the message bounces back.

Have you changed the email address?



shoaib khan said...

Hello Jim,

I havent used shoaib@shoaibkhann.com for a while as the info onne works!

Shoaib Khan

Anonymous said...

make it rain...cool tuts


could you pls make a tutorial on your product called network.aslo i have a suggestion in you products there are so many elements that can be used for defferent projects. if you can provide us those elements as separate products for a cheeper rates could be beneficial.man i love those 3d lines on the product called network. pls make a tutorial on those 3d lines.pls pls......