Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Gillette Advert Rough Cut

click the above image to see high res

Thought I should share one of the jobs I did for Gillette few months back. The job description was that "the Gillette G smashes through the glass". I achieved this effect with the help of 3ds Max dynamics fracture and After Effects. See the video rough cut advert below.

Shoaib Khan


wannabeapilot said...

is there any chance you'd ever do a tutorial on this

even how to shatter the glass in 3ds max would be really helpful :)

antonybanderos said...

Please! make a tutorial on this, I"m really wont to see how you breaks the glass in 3D MAX

Anonymous said...

This guy is cool..but does he know it???...more tuts more tuts more tuts

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alakum!
Awesome work as usual!