Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Welding Sparks with Particular Tutorial

An easy technique of simulating a welding spark effect to carve out a text from a metal sheet using the particular plugin and adjusting its postion keys and bounce system in After Effect. Coming Shortly!! check out the video!

Shoaib Khan


Jorrit Schulte said...

Wow, i just refresh the page and boom! a ney post :P

Anonymous said...


tnx Allah sir for teturail i just sing in i watch then i post comments i know its Rocking

Khuday Paman

Anonymous said...

Fantastic tutorial, as are all of the ones here - it was a very pleasent surprise to stumble upon maxafter, and I've already set myself to learn all of the great content you've stuck up here.

Thanks a ton

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!!! you are the man indeed.

Regan D.. (Video Editor) said...

Hello. Mr. Shoib Khan.. Your all tutorials are gr8.. i like all.. thanks for these gr8 tutorials..
i also saw your web site.. very very nice work..

again thanks.. aapse bahut kuch sikhne ko milega.. alah aafis..

Anonymous said...

Nice tutorial... try creating this same particles in 3D Studio MAX
- gotMAX?

Nickname unavailable said...

Hi Said,

Nice tut, but there is a faster way of doing this.
Animate the stroke effect with 1 % difference between start and end. So no you see a DOT moving over your font outline.
Then motion track the animated dot and use the data on the position of Prticular.

greets Michel

jimtdavis said...

I can't find a link to your tutorial. I would like to see it if you would send me the right link.