Thursday, 7 January 2010

Coin Stack Possible Tutorial

Hi All,
I have been experimenting with coins in After Effects but still working on it. It could be a possible tutorial. check ou the video:
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Shoaib Khan


Arvin Bautista said...

That looks great! Love the subtle bouncing. No Zaxwerks on this? Can't wait to see how it was done!

Anonymous said...

wow shoib bhia thats look awsome no 3rd party pluging used i think watch it soon. sir i made a effect of coloring black to colored video footage if u watch it very glad full

Thanks and wait for the tuts

Anonymous said...

Aslam Elehkum,
Mera Naam Nadeem Hay Or Mujhe Buhat Khushi Ho Rahi Hay K Humara Pakistani Bhai Post Ka Kaam Karte Hein Or Jab Aap K Banae Hue Tutorials Dekhe Mujhe Buhat Khushi Hui Or Humein Kaam Sikhne Ka Moka Mila Hay Khuda Aap Ko Or Kamiyabi Ata Farmae.

Anonymous said...

These tutorials are awesome! Thanks, bro.

Daniel said...

Awsome site. would love to see a tutorial like that

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to tutorial. Thanks

Anonymous said...


Shoiab where r u we are still waiting and waiting for the tuts

Loay said...

That was Awesome
Great Animation
This tutorials will be great
Thanks Shoib

Rich said...

Thanks for all the tutorials!

Anonymous said...

سلام عليكم بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
hello khan Souhaib. my name is ayoub talibi I'm from morocco also musolman live in Spain and want to please help me for that ami I like to know how you do these things from the beginning what I do also want to turn on negosiable if you want here in Spain if I hope God wants you to answer me soon my nambre phone 0034 671 265 417 0r

bbfreak said...

I am following the coin tutorial.
at the 16:29 mark when I cast shadows only
I get two shadows(one dark) on the shadow layer..any reasons why?