Monday, 9 November 2009

Running Man Tutorial Launched!!

See tutorials page for full video tutorial.
Click the image above to see bigger size and the link below to see the video::

Shoaib Khan


Ar$h said...


this is wat am talking about man

this is realy kiss my mind i need it for one of my project such kind of effect extreemly waiting for it

Khuday Paman

haris ali mirza said...

salam, its haris ali again,
well done, really helpful and interesting , its highquality tutorial and thank you very much, just a thing to add, plz some more quick tutorials, 1 tut, in one month? , plz some more tutorials.
again thank you very much

Anonymous said...


yes haris u says right 1 tets in one month buhat naninsafy hi yah :D

shoaib khan said...


Thank you all for your comments...I know 1 tut a month isn't enough but I have been busy as lot of things are happening in life!
After living half of my life in London, I have decided to move back home to Pakistan to look after my parents. So this is going to take some time until I am settled again and do more tuts!!


Shoaib Khan

shoaib khan said...

Some great sites to visit for more tuts:


Arsh said...



Oh i see thats good so where r u live in pakistan? so wats ur plan sir in pakistan work as freelancer or join some Tv Channel. am from peshawar. we well waiting for u sir and wellcome to pakistan.
and one more thing u changed ur look so u look very glories God Blesss

Khuday paman