Tuesday, 6 October 2009

RealFlow Text Filling Tutorial

I have been doing a bit of RealFlowing, so I thought of sharing this as a tutorial. You must have seen on youtube people filling up logos or text with fluids like water etc..yes we will be doing that in realflow and 3dsmax9.
see below the video::
Shoaib Khan


Anonymous said...

yes looking cool look like Terminator movie effect.shoib ager aap apny product Sport wala jo effect hi light streak fallow the camera ager assy eik tuts ker dain then we are very glad like sport Cricket project.

Arsh (Mardan)

Arsh said...


Shoiab sahab kider hoo aap daily athy hi but aap laghta hi buhat zayda masroof ho waiting for the tuts

Pe Aman Allah


v Ralle v said...

Thank you for this nice tutorial!!! I really enjoy your tuts especially the 3dsm tutorials. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge

Yassine said...

@Shoaib Khan: If u want success ..
Make a tutorial on how to create a tutorial on How to make the Hangar from Optical Flares Poster !!
(from videocopilot.net)

navaid said...

asalam alikum shoib bhie, i saw maxter.com today n i really appriciated ur tast n project, welldone.I m mbasically a motion graphic designer very few tast i have done in 3d.hope that this site would more good then videocopilot. best of luck

Anonymous said...

Hey nice tutorial, I believe you can create an effect similar to the one in the movie 2012, and maybe render it using Krakatoa ?