Monday, 29 June 2009

Lensflare in 3ds Max Tutorial coming soon


In this tutorial we will create a simple lensflare in 3ds max with the help of light and effects..though its very basic technique but at the same time very powerful and useful. This can be rendered as a still frame of Full HD or bigger size with alpha channel. Then the rendered still can be imported into After effects to create an animated hot lensflare. I have used it in my products called Dream Sequence..

Shoaib Khan


Anonymous said...

Can you please make a Tutorial for the Dream Sequence? How to make the clouds and animate them in this cool way!

Thanks mate!

Tahsin said...

Hi Shoaib,

Saw your new product network and its awesome. Did you use Fractal noise for the grid line effect? Would love to see a tutorial on it cheers and all the best!

Anonymous said...

How about some new AFTER EFFECTS tutorials. The last one was April. If you want to sell product, the best way is to put out new tutorials to keep people interesting in coming here. It has been pretty freakin' boring around here lately!

Anonymous said...

your tutorials are very important for my ;).
i have a problem:
the project of "Lensflare in 3ds Max Tutorial" not is possible download.

is it my computer kaput or web problem or not upload the file in tutorial page?

tnk very much.

shoaib khan said...

The link is now available.


Shoaib Khan

Anonymous said...

tnk sir .
now the project file "Lensflare in 3ds Max Tutorial" work good.

tnk tnk tnk :)

Josh said...

Hey, it's MovieMaker, the guy you made the space documentary with. I just started using 3D's Max, and your tutorials help me a lot!

shoaib khan said...

Yes Tehsin I used Fractal noise!
Josh good to hear you have started 3d.
Keep up the good work guys

Shoaib Khan