Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tunnel in After Effects coming soon

Hello All,
I was playing around with some effects in AFTER EFFECTS and came up with an interesting result that looks like a futuristic tunnel. Tutorial coming soon. In this tutorial we will be using effects like cc cylinder, cc vector blurr etc. watch here: http://www.shoaibkhann.com//maxafterblog/tunel.mov


Shoaib Khan



Anonymous said...

wow it looks amazing!

Will we use 3ds max too?

Vasu said...

Wow gr8 tutorial dude keep posting more tutorials

candi said...

just wanted to thank you for the great tutorials ...keep em coming

hamad2k said...

I've just watched the tutorial. It's cool and looks great.

Please keep playing with aftereffects so we can see more of your enventions.

Thanks for sharing.

Tahsin said...

Hi Shoheb,

This is really a great tutorial mate never realised it was done so easily with fractal noise. Love it and thanks.


barongan said...

Assalamualaikum Bro. Is the great
tutorial thanks for sharing_