Tuesday, 17 February 2009

RealFlow & 3ds max Tutorial coming...

Dear All,
Get ready for another exciting Realflow and 3ds max tutorial. In this tutorial we will experiment with real flow to create water simulation. If you dont have realflow then visit Realflow official website http://www.realflow.com/ and download demo and plugins.

Also click below to WATCH the video I created :



Shoaib Khan




Anonymous said...


Can't wait!

PatoMolina said...

eso esta genial!!!
saludos desde chile!!

Michael said...

You are really an inspiration!! FINALLY somebody doing a great, clear RealFlow - 3DMax tutorial. I appreciate your work and tutorials. Thank you very much!!

shoaib khan said...

for more updates about media visit



Shoaib Khan

Anonymous said...

hi i am from bahrain,I went to youtube and i saw your video and the bigining of your tutorial u sayd authu billah min alshaytan alrajeem / and i was so intrested in ur tutorials so god luck . thanx a lot

Anonymous said...

Hey, how did u make those cap objects?

I tried it but didnt work.

I also got an error when i tried importing the water into 3d max.

Here is the error

"Error: Could not allocate space (0 bytes) for weights."

Anonymous said...

HI ...
Shoaib Khan ... i am a big fan of urs.... i like ur work...and also when u start ur tutorials with ...Bismillah and Salam....

i am a bit smaller 3d animator ...

i hope u got much in life..

take care....