Saturday, 10 January 2009

Rendering with Skip Existing Frame coming soon

Dear All,
Get ready for another informative tutorial. Probably most of you know it but it is for those who don't.
In this tutorial we will explore the technique of safe rendering specially when your project is full HD and has all kinds of effects applied to it and after rendering you realise there is a change in the project...
Now either you render the whole project again or just render those frames which has been changed.
Shoaib Khan


Dee said...


Awsome work.

I was thinking about this lately.

Thanks for sharing your expertise.


Anonymous said...

Not ideal for multi machine the way that you explain it.
You'd set up distributed rendering through a network and use the collect files command.

shoaib khan said...

why would you collect files when you are working in a network environment??
cos all the machines are shared and elements used in the projects are taken from shared resources folder or etc!!

you would only collect files!! when you DONT have a shared network or renderfarm so that you can send that file to an organisation who are providing that service of rendering..

When someone has 10 machines then it is pretty much understood that one SHOULD NOT be working locally!! unless someone is dumb!cos he would be duplicating the elements instead of taking them from one shared source..