Monday, 1 December 2008

MENTAL RAY Tutorial Coming SOON!

Hello Everyone,
As promised, 3ds Max Mental Ray tutorial coming soon!. The above image is created from the tutorial file. Sofa has just been dipped in gold water! just an texperimental shader car paint!
In this tutorial we will be concentrating on
1. setting up the scene in mental ray renderer
2. Texture mapping using 3ds max unique arch and design material shaders
3. Final Gather set up and many more..
This tutorial will give you the basic overview about mental Ray. Once you go through this tutorial then you can explore mental ray on your own. Also learn some great tips too!
Shoaib Khan


Benchekroune said...

Thank's u!!
Looking great!!


Rocky said...

Hello, Which version of Max tutorials are coming Soon???

Rocky said...

Also refer me the Intermediate Architectural Mental Ray Rendering tutorial in Max Design 2009.

Anonymous said...

Looking great maybe one day you teach how you make table wall things like this
thank you

Ethan said...

Thanks..Awesome...Eid Mubarak, Shoaib..May God bless ya..Have a nice day wid family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for this...

Jamie Cardoso said...

Hi Shoaib,

Very nice tutorial indeed!!!!!Keep them coming.


Regan D.. (Video Editor) said...

Hello...Mr. Shoib Khan...

where are you???

Mantel ray tutorial is very nice..

strickx said...

Very nice tutorial. Strange that there aren't more people who comment here. Watched all your tutorials and they're just what I'm looking for. Integration of max and AE. You're doing a great job in explaining it very clearly. Thx a lot for that.

shoaib khan said...

Dear All

Thanks for your comments though they are less in number, yet each of them are very valuable!


Shoaib Khan