Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Tutorial Requests

Any new tutorial ideas and requests?

Shoaib Khan


Juan Ignacio Salgado said...

Hi Shoaib Khan , nice site & ideas...

well my request for tutorials, is about compositing techinques... export from Cinema 4D to After Effect, and animate something with module moGraph and make color correction , levels , etc. on after...
my MSN is:
i'm Motion Grapher to, and working on nice projects to, if u want know me and talk, add me.

From Argentina , excelent site!

Morten said...

Greeting from Oslo.

What a great site. I am sure going to use that clock tut for a little something i am planning. I really love stuff like that.

How about a tutorial on blowing stuff up. It easy enough to do, the hard part is making it look good.

Keep more of the good stuff comming. I seems like mr Kramer over at VCP has finally gotten some competition.

Martin said...

Hi! Sorry for MY bad English.

Love your tutorials :)

I have 2 request for tutorials. They are aboud text effect.

1. Please watch the clip URL:

Only the last part. With the text.
If you could make a tutorial, how to make that. That would just be great!

2. How to make Text come visible at the same time as a Typewriter sound come.

- One tap sound, One letter...

I new at After Effects.
I have tried "Linear Wipe" but it dosen't look to good.

From Denmark.

Hamidshs said...

How do you do ?! ;)
I think rotoscoping techniques could be fun .
Good Luck

Fox said...


Maybe somebody could help me getting this effect

It's from the international Wanted Trailer

At 00:53 sec +-
The guy get hit
I want some blood drops flying towards the camera (slomostyle) and yeah the tooth is cool too but don't know where to begin

Every help is really apreciated :P
A tutorial would be amazing


rooster said...

Assalaamualaikum Shoaib. A friend of ours, Jamie sent me your link to your tutorials and mashallah they are very,very good. Anyway, this was a comment to say thank you and all the best.

Asad said...

Salam...I like ur site...I would like to see 3d motion tracking tutorials....Thanks

SirBeef said...

Hey there...

Video Co-Pilot has an older tutorial dealing with time remapping in which a guy trips while holding some boxes, they all freeze, and then someone walks into the shot, blah blah blah etc. If you've seen it then you know what i'm talking about. I was thinking that you could do an even better tutorial on how to freeze something, but then have it taken from the scene.

For example, the guy trips with the boxes, they all freeze, the other guy walks in the shot and grabs the boxes out of the air and walks away with them. Something like that would be awesome.

Great tuts by the way, keep it up. Have a good one buddy.

jeroenFX said...

Im new at ure blog but luv it allready!
Greetz from holland

Benchekroune Yassine said...

Salam alaykoum,
I'm from morocco, I Love your tutorials, and in my mind, it will be very cool to have a tutorial teaching us how to integrate 3D in video, like in this video:
I'm sure you can go ahead and learn us that !
Yassine, From Morocco

Crash Overide said...

Hello Master,
i come frome FRANCE and my request for a tutorials is about how animated a robot model for example in 3dMax ; how created the bones and move the severals part of the robot...
thanks a lot for all

Crash Overide

Anonymous said...

Hello shoaib khan,
How about a simple tutorial
on render passes, and how to use them in after effects.


Anonymous said...

Hi there and greetings from Australia! I've always wanted to create a realistic morph from one person to another, like in Terminator 2 with the T1000 and Michael Jacksons "Black & White" clip. It's an effect you see all the time but I haven't been able to create it with out it looking really bad. A tutorial on this would be excellent! Thankyou

ashraf said...

Salam aleykoum brother,

very good tutorials, masha Allah..

can you do tutorials like the text effects that we see in trailers..?



Mohamed Hafeez said...

Hi Shoaib,

Finally a site on Max & After together. Awesome, I am streaming the videos now, let me see and come back for comment. But I am hoping that you have explained the camera integration between max and after.


shoaib khan said...

Thank you for your requests! keep coming..
I have been very busy lately doing some huge projects but will be free soon to edit some tutorials!
I am planning to do some great about recreating some scenes from WANTED MOVIE....and also do some 3d camera tracking either with max or boujou...

Peter (Latvia) said...

Recreating scenes from Wanted, sound really amazing. Thanks for all your efforts! Keep up this spirit! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shoaib Khan

I like your Tutorials, because you have got very good things in 3d's Max.
My request is, can you make also 3d's Max tutorials with modelling.

From Sri Lanka yours

Anonymous said...

Hi dude, exelent site! love it!

My request:

could you do a tut to make a scene like this? is a simple effect, but VERY WELL executed, take a look


jeroenFX said...

When can we expect a new tutroial?
Ure tutorials are really great. Cant wait to see more :)

ahmed said...

salamo alaykom

allah bless you brother for this amazing tutorials

go go go go go mr.Shoaib Khan



Johann said...

Just let us know, when to expect these awesome tutorials, because its quite annoying to not to know when. :P btw i hope its Wanted tutorials, they should really kick some major ass.

shoaib khan said...

Hi All,

I know its been a while! I have been tied up lately and still am! Clients won't leave me alone...
and now its the holly month of Ramadan where I also have to fast from dawn to no food and water for 15 hours a day!
So i really get knackered by the end of the day...
but I have managed to pull 1 tutorial (not wanted one)...hoping to edit it soon....
All good things comes to those who wait!



Alex said...

A tutorial to do something like that would be pretty cool.

Great job so far btw, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


you got the talent....thanx for sharing it.i want to request a tutorial.can you help to create a transformer effect,like in the movie in are the great....from niro...

Petrichor said...

Greetings from Canada. Excellent tutorials, Shoaib. Thank you for your hard work.

In Text Explosion Part II, I parented the cloud layer to the .png layer (with the Wiggler keyframes)so they would have idential camera shake.

Thanks for unravelling this great animation for us!

maya said...

my name is shahzaib khan afridi. i from pakistan. i have create maxafter a very very small promo. shoaib khan so plz u see my promo ... plz plz i am waiting 4 u r reply... my email address is ..... and so plz reply me

shoaib khan said...

Dear All,
Thanks for your appreciation! If you want me to look at your work please give links with your comments..Shahzaib provide link in this blog!


Anonymous said...

Hey... VCP doesn't seem to do stuff like this so I was wondering if you could give us some superhero tutorials..

mkerremans said...

Great tutorials,

Clear understanding, and most of all, serious competition for A Kramer...... Is there any co-operation between both of you?

BTW: More basics on paticle system, reactor... from MAX would be very welcome.

Keep on the good work.
RGDS from Belgium

Anonymous said...

Hi Shoaib

Congratulations on your site, great to see a UK competitor to VCP!

I'm desperate to learn motion typography,something simple like this

I've found one tutorial using Illustrator, but would love to know how to achieve this using Photoshop

You would think tutorials for this popular method would be abundant...I know a lot of people trying to find tutorials for this, very scarce! cheers

maya said...

shoaib khan plz plz show me the samsung G600 stroke effect.. how 2 create the stroke effect..i have waiting 4 r reply... plz show this tutorial

Anonymous said...

love your tutorials,one problem through .every time when i watch the tutorials video, it seems my computer crashed very often unless i force computer to quit play and close the browser, I don't know if it is because the file format issue 'cause when watch video from video co-pilot or creative cow, no problem at all ,and I believe they use .flv instead of .swf you use. can you check this 'cause i really like to check out your website regularly. thanks

Anonymous said...

Good day! Liked your lessons. Could you make a video.
Lesson in Russian. I though Russian, but some moments do not understand. I novichek.
Thank you! Best regards!

ggeorge said...

i agree whith first....
compositing , cinema 4d and after effects.

Effects for movies...


Bandar said...

Assalaamualaikum Shoaib , I realy like your site and your nice work and I'm learning from you .

My small request is her :

This is the Last Fight Scene in
"V for Vendetta " film and my wish is that how to make the knife like at 2:45 ...

Thank you for everything you did .

Bandar from Saudi

bangram said...

hi ALL

MY NAME IS srinivas iam compositor..but i have some problem of doing the movie titles..pls help me how to do the movie titles..

GOR4N said...

Hi to all

U could make a tutorial about some magazine that flips pages ... U know like for comercials

shoaib khan said...

Thanks for your comments! I hope you liked the bullet tutorial!
I will be working on the animation part soon! keep coming and also let others know about this site.. More comments and visits keep me charged up and excited!

Shoaib Khan

Kevin G said...

I wanted to personally thank you for the tutorials that you provided on They were very focused and real world project based.
Tell me would it be possible for you to develop some tutorials based on the following videos.

shoaib khan said...

Dear All

Thanks for your comments !!


Shoaib Khan

Gyorfi Szilard said...

I am so glad that I have found your website, you have great stuff, original work and tutorials.

Glad that you cover max also, I work in After Effects but I want to learn 3ds max too.

Peace be up on you to :)